New Patient Gowns, Robes & Pajamas from Fashion Seal Healthcare

New Patient Apparel

Superior Uniform Group, Inc.® announced new styles and prints from their signature brand Fashion Seal Healthcare® including patient gowns, robes, adult sleepwear and infant gowns.
Fashion Seal Healthcare® designed the new patient apparel styles based on two current key focal points within the healthcare industry--- image and the patient experience. 
With the introduction of new prints, such as Green Helix, Pink Radiance, Blue Retro and Tan Striate, Fashion Seal Healthcare is providing healthcare laundries, hospitals, and other facilities with various patient apparel options that offer a modern image. Additionally, the varying color options allow differentiation between IV and patient gowns during the laundering process.
Features included in the new patient apparel enhance the patient experience, one of the critical success metrics for hospital performance as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Some of the notable styles and benefits include:
  • Mother's IV gown – Overlapping panel for modesty during nursing.
  • Magna gown – Full overlap at neck, angle back at waist allowing the gown to hang properly on plus-sized patients.
  • High risk ICU gown - Amber Radiance pattern identifies patients who need extra attention, color-coded placket on right shoulder for easy assembly.
  • ICU gowns – Extra-large telemeter pockets with 3 ½” poly bound fenestration for durability, color-coded placket on right shoulder for easy assembly.
“Before we begin the design process for any garment, we consider the patient perspective and environment,” said Superior Uniform Group’s President, Alan Schwartz. “Our new Fashion Seal Healthcare® patient apparel offers the wearer the utmost in comfort, style, durability and functionality at a time when it is needed the most.” 
Superior Uniform Group, and their signature brand Fashion Seal Healthcare, will be exhibiting at the Clean Show in New Orleans June 20 – 22. Industry experts will be at booth 4811/4813 to answer any questions and to discuss the features and benefits of the new patient apparel.