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SimplySoft Scrubs by Fashion Seal Healthcare

Beyond the Seams

Q & A session from Textile Services Magazine (TRSA) with Scott Delin, Vice President of Sales, Fashion Seal Healthcare®.

How much do today’s fashion trends influence Fashion Seal Healthcare’s uniform research and development efforts?  

Today’s healthcare employee is more knowledgeable and expects their uniform to be both functional and fashionable. Fashion Seal Healthcare is constantly testing and introducing new fabrics and style trends that are appealing to both the end-user who is wearing and using the products on a daily basis, as well as the laundries processing the products. On-trend apparel constructed of new, more durable and softer fabrics are being introduced on the industrial laundry level in an effort to meet the demands of the healthcare employee-consumer.

How does care and laundering figure into Fashion Seal Healthcare’s development of new uniforms? 

When developing fabrics, Fashion Seal Healthcare is very conscious of our laundry partners and the commercial setting and landscape in which they process.  As part of the development cycle, new fabrics are tested in our in-house lab and with our laundry partners for fabric performance.  We are involved with laundry trade organizations including TRSA to stay abreast of new laundry equipment technology as well as the new chemical technology, as both can have a direct impact on the life, durability and sustainability of any specific uniform garment. With every uniform we develop, we consider garment life. The longer a garment lasts, the better it is for the industrial laundry processor as account profitability is linked to overall product life and sustainability. 
Where do the challenges lie in marrying style with utility? 

Whether it be the style of the garment, construction details or fabric technology, it is very important that an appropriate garment be chosen for the specific work application and processing techniques.  If these factors are not considered for a specific job classification or application, it can result in garment failure and possible injury to the end-user.  Education is a critical piece of mitigating the challenges of balancing style and utility.  

What are the most innovative products Fashion Seal Healthcare offers? 

The most innovative products out there right now are those that utilize advanced fabrics and stylish designs that satisfy both the needs of end-users and laundries. 
Fashion Seal Healthcare’s new FashionPoly™ and SimplySoft™ lines do just that by offering forward-thinking fabric and apparel features, while remaining industrial-laundry friendly. Our FashionPoly™ line made from 100 percent polyester offers enhanced comfort and garment longevity. Advanced fabric features include:

  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Color retention
  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-microbial (helps provide odor control)
  • Energy efficient (dries in half the time)

Our newest line SimplySoft™ is a stylish, industrial-laundry friendly line of brushed poplin scrubs. Features of the SimplySoft™ line include:

  • Softer hand for enhanced comfort
  • Retail-inspired styles to please fashion-forward employees
  • New styling details such as side flex panels and cargo pockets
  • Industrial laundry friendly

Beyond giving the end-user more options, these innovative industrial-laundry friendly lines give uniform rental companies and laundries a broader product inventory to grow their business.

Want to learn more about Fashion Seal Healthcare’s new product lines and value-added services designed to help you grow your business? Contact Scott Delin at 610-442-0880 or [email protected]. View all of the Fashion Seal Healthcare catalogs online.

Scott Delin, Vice President of Sales for Fashion Seal Healthcare

As seen in the June 2014 issue of Textile Services Magazine (TRSA).